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Soothing wellness baths

The Alpicare© baths use a patented procedure in a special tub, which helps to transport active agents with the help of small molecular steam. Alpine active agents are used to create a feeling of beauty, health and well-being.

It is a holistic principle, which comprises a number of steps to reach the final goal: seven elements, ranging from a personal chat to a final massage. This wellness ritual guarantees the best possible effect for the treatment. The seven steps include anamnesis (case study), tea, hydro treatment, pack bath, waiting period with wraps, special massage.

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Alpicare® wellness baths

Alpicare® wellness baths

Video Alpicare wellness baths


Apple and rose hip

Treat your skin to a sensual, fruity beauty bath.
Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin and waxes, and are therefore ideal for the regeneration and care of ripe skin. Combined with the luxurious effects of the rose hip, the cell regeneration of the skin improves drastically and the loss of moisture is limited. Your skin becomes softer and more elastic.

Alpine fango and mountain pine

This treatment is a must for lovers of traditional Alpine treatments. The typical fragrance of the mountain pine has a reviving and strengthening effect and combined with the natural, fine sediments of the Alpine fango, it helps to purify and strengthen the skin, creating a beautiful skin complexion in the process.

Arnica and St John’s wort

Feel the rejuvenating power of these summer plants! This healthy bath treatments will re-energise tired joints and muscles. You will feel your fitness levels increase and your mind relax.

Marigold and camomile

Enjoy a specialized treatment for tired skin. Pot marigold and chamomile are plants that activate cell regeneration and have a soothing effect on irritated skin. This treatment will create a fresh and soft skin complexion.

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Wellness baths in the Vitalis steam tub

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