Delightful hikes on Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm

On the discovery of the spectacular Dolomites

The right equipment

  • Mountain or hiking boots: Good boots are vital for your excursions into mountainous areas, and a sure step will go some way to preventing injuries. Boots should have a good grip and profile and be high enough to protect your feet from dirt.

  • Hiking socks: Warm and dry feet are important during longer hiking activities. Cotton socks guarantee good circulation and dry feet. Terry cloth socks, combined with good boots, will make sure your feet stay warm and dry. Special inlays are useful as well.

  • Parka or mountain vest: Parkas must enable good breathing and be wind and weather resistant. Synthetic materials such as microfibers or Gore-Tex are ideal, and make for an even more enjoyable hiking experience.

  • Trousers: You should favour long trousers – the weather in high altitudes can change very quickly.

  • Jacket: Fleece pullovers can keep you warm during hikes and can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Underwear: Light, quick drying and sweat-resistant underwear can greatly increase your well-being during long mountain tours.

  • Hat and gloves: We recommend keeping hat and gloves in your backpack even in summer.

  • Note: Be flexible. Several layers will make sure you can adapt quickly to changing conditions. Be careful: Cotton is not ideal because it prevents sweat absorption.

  • Backpack: A soft touring backpack (approx. 28 l volume) is ideal, best with a special breathing system to prevent your back from sweating. The hip belt and straps should be well cushioned. Hiking backpacks can be hired free of charge at the hotel.

  • Sunglasses: UV rays are much stronger in the mountains than in the valley. Therefore, we recommend to bring along 100%-protected shades that do not break.

  • Sun hat: A good hat against the sun is a must for all hikers. Many inexperienced hikers suffer heat and sun strokes.

  • Hiking poles: Hiking poles have a number of advantages: they guarantee safer climbing, protect the knees and joints and improve your balance. Telescope poles can be adjusted in length and are therefore ideal for all terrains. Free hire is available at the hotel.

  • Drinks: Drinking enough is of prime importance! If you drink enough, you tire more slowly and avoid cramps in the legs. The best beverages are natural mineral water and sugar-free juices.

  • Food: Energy bars and fruit will provide quick help for tired hikers. 
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Experience Highlights throughout the Year

Hiking at Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm means...

... improving your health
Hiking improves the metabolism, fosters the circulation and strengthens the muscles and the breathing system. Apart from the physical benefit, it also helps to rebalance because the continuous walking has a calming and rebalancing effect.

... exploring nature
Here you will find pristine, natural scenery. You will love exploring the area around Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, in the mighty Dolomites.

... finding your inner peace of mind
Hiking through untouched nature helps relax the mind and brings inner peace.

... enjoying sporting activities
All kinds of hiking, be it in the flat at Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm or on steep trails, help your body to use energy and burn calories.

... relaxing during spa treatments
Hiking is wellness – it includes all the elements behind this term: health, relaxation, experience and time for you.

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