Dolomites hiking trips: an invitation to climb upwards

Excursions, climbing, taking a breath of fresh air – while on a Dolomites hiking trip you can soak in the power of nature with every movement. As partner of the Vitalpina Hotels in South Tyrol, we offer you 5 to 6 impressive hiking tours in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. Our professional guides will lead you through the enchanting mountain world and show you the most beautiful hiking tours to go on around the Dolomites. A special highlight during your hike on the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm: a magnificent view of the Sciliar/Schlern!

A Dolomites hiking trip becomes an enjoyable activity with us and offers a range of easy strolls to challenging summit climbs, providing something for everyone. From our hotel in Siusi/Seis, you can hike to the high plain Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm and climb one of the mighty peaks. We redesign the programme for our guided hikes every week so that you will experience all seasonal highlights and do not miss out on the best Dolomites tours.

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Guided hikes in the Sciliar/Schlern area – our weekly programme

  • Sunday: best suggestions for individual hikes at Alpe di Siusi
  • Monday: exciting panoramic hiking tour on Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm accompanied by Michael Trocker (as a warm-up and to get to know each other)
  • Tuesday: convivial hike in the Sciliar/Schlern nature park, accompanied by Frieda Trocker
  • Wednesday: medium-level day tour accompanied by hiking guide Roman (hiking on the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, in the Gardena/Gröden or Catinaccio/Rosengarten areas)
  • Thursday: medium-level day tour with hiking guide Sepp or exclusive Vitalpina breathing hike with Michael Trocker
  • Friday: guided hiking tour in the Sciliar/Schlern area, the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, with hiking guide Roman

Upon request, you receive an individual hiking consultation, i.e. “hiking à la carte”: we know over 100 wonderful tours and give you the best tips on the Dolomites hiking trips.

Our guided hikes last 4 to 8 hours, covering an altitude difference of 50 to 1,300 metres.

Dare to try a secured via ferrata in the Dolomites. We have the matching deal for you.

Safety first: When hiking in the Dolomites, safety is our first priority. In case of unfavourable weather conditions, we retain the right to change the programme or cancel a tour.

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Dolomites hiking trips with our certified guides!

If it comes to hiking in the Dolomites, our competent and passionate hiking guides are here for you. Our specializations and trainings help us to offer you a very special experience:

  • Vitalpina Breathing Trainer
  • Geomancy (perception of the earth and special places of power)
  • Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Hiking Guide Certified by the South Tyrolean Alpine Union AVS
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Hiking around the Alpe di Suisi/Seiser Alm with our hiking guides

Host Michael Trocker, Frieda Trocker, Roman Profanter, Sepp Obkircher – all these hiking professionals share a love for the legendary Dolomites and are keen to introduce you to this spectacular mountain world. Take part in a walk to a special place of power such as an old cult site or another place with strong energy or join our strengthening and revitalizing breathing walks or eventful panoramic walks in the Dolomites. Of course, we also help you plan your individual tours.

Our hikes are an invitation to recharge your batteries and breathe in fresh air! With every step you take you sense a whole new intensity of consciousness.

Michael Trocker

Host and hiking professional, hiking guide of the South Tyrolean Alpine Union AVS since 1997

His credo: “The Dolomites are the mirror of my soul. To experience the Dolomites throughout the changing seasons is what fascinates me most. The prehistoric sacral places at Mt Sciliar, Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm with its rich history and mystical power, the archetype of the Saint in nature – all these thoughts fill up my heart and spirit. During the guided walks in the Dolomites, I would like to share all of this with my guests. My favourite walk is the crossing of Mt Sciliar with descent over the so-called “Prügelweg” and swim in Lago di Fiè/Völser Weiher.

An enthusiastic nature photographer, I constantly try to capture my homeland, these beautiful mountains, which continue to inspire me, in an ever-new light. I also have a great passion for diving. The thought that the Dolomites used to be a sea is utterly fascinating to me and I am very happy if I come across traces of this past during our Dolomites hiking trips.

Frieda Trocker

Senior host and passionate mountaineer

Frieda Trocker accompanies you on easy hiking tours on Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, the Sciliar region and the Puez-Odle nature park. She knows all about this land and its people including the customs, the culture and the South Tyrolean way of life.

Roman Profanter and Sepp Obkircher

Certified hiking guides with heart: our professionals when it comes to unforgettable hikes in the Dolomites

Authenticity, love for their homeland, expertise and a rich pool of experiences – this is what defines our hiking guides. Roman Profanter and Sepp Obkircher ensure that hiking on the Alpe di Suisi/Seiser Alm becomes a multifaceted experience. They lead you on the most beautiful routes across Sciliar-Catinaccio nature park and upon request, also on airy via ferratas. We assisted in designing the Nordic Walking eco trail to Lake Fiè/Völs, which today is highly popular among Nordic Walking fans and nature friends.

Also the nature experience trail “Veduta del Re/Königswarte” and the mushroom trail in the Laranzo forest has been co-designed by us.

Take part in our hiking tours in the Dolomites and your holiday is bound to be a success!

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